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“Lifestyle is the new focus, so creating a better
lifestyle is a major trend in society.”

Edward Ludbrook – The Big Picture

“Why is it some
people have enough
money whilst the rest
of us seem to be forever
struggling to make ends meet?”
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How to Make Money

Date: 20 Nov 2015
From: Rudi Ashdown

  • Are you struggling to pay the bills?
  • Would you like to have lifes little luxuries?
  • Do you dream of retiring early?
  • Or maybe you just want a decent income and
    have the time to enjoy it!

Dear UK resident,


I’ve been there…

Let me tell you, if this is where you are, I know how you feel.
I’ve been there.

I’ve experienced sitting in my bed-sit not even being able to afford to buy some milk for my cereal.

And later, when I got married, we lived through the years of negative equity & poll taxes (oops showing my age!), and ever mounting debts. It seemed the harder we tried, the more the bills kept increasing.

And when we finally did get our ‘head above water’ through working overtime and extra part-time jobs, we were too tired to enjoy it!

Even if you earn a decent income, statastics reveal that you probably have very little time left to enjoy the fruits of your labour, and quite probably won’t have much spare cash left at the end of the month either.


We all tend to spend what we earn
– it’s just the way we are!

Frustrating… isn’t it?

Frustrating… isn’t it?

I know, I’ve felt exactly the same feelings of despair and helplessness.
I buried my head in the sand, resigned to the fact that this was ‘my lot’.

Then, five years ago our son was born. And I began to think.

I thought… there must be an answer to my question:

“Why do some people have enough money
whilst the rest of us seem to be forever
struggling to make ends meet?”


This book is about what happened next… my research… my journey of discovery…
And I’ll let you into a little secret –


…isn’t a mystery!

And one more thing…
it’s perfectly acheivable.
By anyone… me… you… yes, you!
You CAN have enough money and time to live the lifestyle you want!

How ?
Find out in this new easy-to-read book – 50+ pages full of practical ideas for wealth creation (no mumbo-jumbo, just straight-talking how-to advice) and…

set yourself on the road to the lifestyle you want.

This book is a manual, a road map guiding you towards the lifestyle you desire. It looks at the simple truth of wealth creation & gives more than a dozen real-life
do-able options keeping to the centuries-old principals.

You’ll discover…

  • What really is the secret to wealth?
  • Why being rich is not for everyone?
  • Why your ‘9 to 5’ probably won’t make you wealthy?


  • The difference between a conventional income and a ‘popstar’ income!


You’ll examine…

  • The two alternate strategies described in cause and effect essay and quickly work out which is best for you
  • How you can make a start right now with one of a dozen practical ideas


  • A little-known method that will probably ‘blow your mind’!

Read an excerpt by clicking here – including one of the instant practical tips!

Maybe money isn’t your priority and having more time is more important in the
lifestyle choices you make. We’ll briefly look at how you can have both – being rich doesn’t need to be sacrificed for having more quality time to spend on the activities you enjoy (family, friends, hobbies, charity commitments).

It’s all about choices…
Find the option that is right for you, and apply the principals.

One thing is for certain…
I can’t make you rich or give you more free time!
But I can show you how I have set myself & my family (plus others just like you & me) on the road to prosperity without having to work every hour that God sends…
just by making a few simple changes.
You don’t even have to stop the work you do right now – but you’ll probably want to quit before too long…
so you can finally live the lifestyle you want!

to live the LIFESTYLE you want

Read it – Apply it – Live it

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Remember that wise saying…

“Keep doing what you’ve always done –
and you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got!”

  • Are you happy with what you get?
  • Do you have enough money?
  • Do you want more free time?

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YES, Rudi. I really want to change my lifestyle for the better – to have a decent income and some quality time for myself & my family!

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for UK residents only:

I wish you every success.

Prosperous regards,

 p.s.  I’m not going to make some crass comment like “you owe it to your family” because I don’t know your circumstances – only you can make those statements.
I do know that if you’re
not happy with your present level of income or the amount of quality free time you have, you do need to change something! It doesn’t have to be drastic changes, just simple adjustments…  and that is what is shared in this book. UK residents – click here to order your copy today.